Wednesday, September 17, 2008

hablare espanol

So you spend two years fighting, struggling, and praying to learn a language, in my case spanish, and you come to the end of your mission. Inevitably you question how you will maintain the skill you gained, and in your home state what levels of use you can anticipate. I'm so happy lately, because i have had a tone of chances to speak. On tuesday i was at the doctors, i had to get a tb test. While i was waiting i sat next to a spanish lady and her daughter. I started talking to them, they are from mexico and have not been here for very long. We talked for about twenty minutes, mostly about the struggles they face in their new environment. Before i left i gave them my phone number, and i told them to call me when ever they needed anything... e.g- translations for anything. Well today, i got a call from them, and they needed some help with their sons school. So i got to call the school and help her out. It felt so good. i really felt like a missionary again, and that is a feeling you can only understand having served one. I would dare say its the happiest i have felt since i have been home! woo hoo.